Friday, August 24, 2012

Neon Neutrals

I seem to me on a 'Neutrals' kick right now. Not sure what happened! It might have something to do with me not being able to choose a color. I might need to do another challenge to get my creativity back in gear.

Today I have Zoya: Farah for you. This is a 'greige' color that changes depending on the lighting. You'll see below between sun and shade pics.

And then my color-addicted self comes back and I decided to use the neon pink Kiss Nail Art Paint that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. He is so set on me using the stencils that came with it so I used the flower on my thumb. 

My favorite design is the swirl on the middle finger. Do you have a favorite design?


  1. These are SO cool! I love the swirl too (:

    1. Thanks! and thanks for the comment about cuticle remover. I'll put that on my list for the next time I go to the store.


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