Thursday, August 16, 2012

HELP!!! Nail-Mergency!

I just ripped my nail into the nail bed. I need to find a way to bond the nail together so it can grow out. Any suggestions out there??

Update: Ive heard about the tea bag trick. Any good?

I followed the fiberglass route. I'm so afraid of ripping my nail off more so I wanted something that would really hold it together. Thankfully there is a salon 1/2 mile from my house! She only put it part way up so I don't have to wait for the nail to grow out. :) Here is an 'After' pic.


  1. Tea bag totally works. Check out YouTube. Using superglue over the whole nail is more complicated and more work but will make it much stronger so it doesn't break worse because that is gonna hurt. The easier way is to just use base or top coat to secure a small piece of tea bag but you have to keep changing it out every few days and it will not provide as much stability. Check out the videos. You will see what I mean. And post the outcome. :)

  2. You could probably go to a salon and get a fiberglass nail wrap which will really protect it. Similar to the tea bag trick, but done by a pro!


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