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I am a Dance Teacher and I'm addicted to color which leads me to nail polish! My favorite color is fuchsia and I generally like pink and green. I tend to get obsessive when I start a new hobby so my nail polish collection grew very rapidly! Generally I buy OPI (especially on sale/ clearance) or any other 3 Free polish. I started this blog to keep up with my manis and colors I use.

I have peeling nails that tear easily (especially when they finally grow out!) so I'm trying a couple different nail repair treatments to see which one works better. Previously I used OPI Nail Envy for Peeling nails but that peels off and sometimes takes a bit of nail with it and it didn't stop my peeling problem. One day someone gave me a bottle of Nailtiques Formula 2 and told me I couldn't wear nail polish anymore. (yeah right!) so I used it for a while but the protein layers peel off sometimes and I like nail polish! The other treatment I'm using is Nail Tek Foundation II which I discovered from another blogger. I found that Nailtiques works best for me and I use Formula 2+ on my most problem nails.

Another amazing nail product is GO Nails: Natural Nail Growth Treatment. I notice my nails grow faster when I use this but also it seems to make them stronger!

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!!! :) I love the comments and they help keep me going with my nail art. I've always wanted pretty nails and I feel I'm on the road to having them.

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  1. Try Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator. Works wonders for me! :)


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