Saturday, April 28, 2012

Natural Nails #2

My Nail Journey 
(pic heavy)

When I started this blog my nails were peeling, very short, yellow, and my cuticles were rough. Here's a reminder of where I starters at.

I'm still working on my cuticles but the yellow is growing out (I bought some stuff for that but haven't had a chance to use it yet). My nails are actually growing out for the first time ever! I'm currently seeing how long I can grow out my ring finger. It tends to be the strongest nail. Keep reading for my products ;)

I used...
Left Hand - Right Hand
Nailtiques has a habit of peeling off when I have 3+ layers over it but works really well to stop peeling nails. When Nail Tek peels it takes some of the nail with it and I noticed peeling on my left hand when it stopped on my right hand. To further my test I switched hands and then my right nails started to peel with Nail Tek over them. So overall I like Nailtiques better. These are roughly the same price at Ulta, around $10-12.

I haven't had a chance to use this over the past few weeks as I've been extremely busy but I like it. I don't know if I was using it correctly though. I noticed some of the pics online of applying it and that's not how I did it! :) I will start using this again soon, and hopefully the right way, but I won't be trimming my cuticles this time to see how it goes. Since I stopped using it my cuticles are getting harder, not just at the top of my nail but along the sides as well. $5

I got this to help my cuticles my noticed my nails started growing faster too! I apply this in between painting my nails. I haven't been diligent about this lately. $20 (Yikes!)

I've used this before but purchased it so long ago that I threw it away and bought a new one. I don't really notice it's affects but the other day I had applied it to my left hand but didn't have a chance to apply it to my right hand. About 20min or so later I looked down at my nails and noticed that my left cuticles were much happier than my right! I try to apply this once a day but often forget. $6

That's it for now- I'll have another post about the yellowing product once I get a chance to use it.


  1. They look lovely! I am working on growing and strengthening mine as well, and my cuticles just make me sigh! xx

  2. That's so funny! My ring fingernail tends to be the strongest too. They look good girl, keep going!

    I also wanted to let you know CR that you've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award over at Polished Prisms. I'm so sorry if you've completed it before! If so just ignore me :P


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