Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girly Girl: Think Pink

Feels like forever since I've posted! I've seen people doing challenges all over the blogesphere and really wanted to do one but I only paint my nails about twice a week. (Although its verging on 2x a week!) I came across this one and it only requires 2x/wk so its perfect! And its short, just 4 wks! This First one calls for your favorite pink and I brought out the pink that started it all. China Glaze: Emotion. But more on this story later. Let's get to the pics!

Round 1
Here I tried a nail art pen for flowers. I'm a bit afraid of the dotting tool as you can see on my ring finger it didn't go so well. :(

Round 2
The Nail Art Pen rubbed right off and you couldn't see it so I brought out my silver foil polish and my new dotting tool (again) and had another try.

Round 3
The Holo in my last pic didn't want to show itself. It's currently cloudy outside so the camera wasn't picking it up. So here's an indoor pic! I freaking love this Holo Polish! (And since I'm a big fan of the accent finger I figured it was the perfect polish to accentuate the pink!) In this pic I added another layer of Holo over the fail flower.

Overall I love the color combination but I'm not very good at this art thing so I will just have to keep practicing ;) I'm not talented at taking pics of polish and so my colors are way off.

Pink: China Glaze: Emotion
Holo: OPI DS Coronation
Silver Flowers: Nicole by OPI: Give Me the First Dance

As Always I'm a big fan of feedback and helpful hints :)

OK Peeps! Here is the Challenge and the others participating! 

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Taylor of REJOICE! 



  1. Lovely nails :)

  2. Looks good. I always seem to get too much polish on my nails with dotting tools.

  3. Love your DS dots! So happy to be doing this challenge with you.

  4. These are great! What a lovely shimmery pink and the olo looks fantastic. :)

  5. Cute!

    New to your blog, and Yes, It's perfect that this challenge is 2 manis/week.

    Glad to be doing this with you.


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