Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Eat Mainly Lobster in the Clouds

This is all about my favorite color for the summer! I always want to wear this color because it's so bright! It's like wearing a neon except it isn't categorized as such. It's not overbearingly bright but when you get in the sun it really pops! I added some nail art using NOPI: The Gold Shouder and OPI Turquoise Shatter and Super Bass Shatter. Those last pics were taken in the morning before the sun really came up. I love the end result of this mani and its my first time doing the 'cloud' nail art. I hope you enjoy!

I thought I would try something different today for the way I post my pictures. Do you like it? I'm always interested in feedback to make my posts better. I would absolutely love to hear any thoughts!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. It looks great! The nails and the picture layout!

    P.S. Happy birthday ( sorry I'm late)

  2. Very lovely. That's a lovely summer color indeed.


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