Sunday, August 19, 2012


First off, I quite one of my jobs last week! Friday was my last day and now I get to focus on dance all the time now!! So excited!

Now for the nails! I've always wanted to do the glitter accent nail since I first saw it! Well, I finally did!

Today I have 2 fairly new lacquers to me. Both purchased on clearance!
NOPI Respect the World purchased at Target for $2.37
Nails Inc. Fitzroy Square purchased at Sephora for $5

RtW is a very squishy jelly that was opaque in 2 coats! This is the second time I've worn this lacquer and I love it!! I used one coat on my ring finger under 2 coats of Fitzroy Square. (2 coats?!? What was I thinking!!!) To take this off I left the cotton on it for a good 5 minutes and it just came right off!


  1. Gorgeous teals!! Love the glitter accent nail =) Congrats on taking that step to make you more happy, sounds like you will be!

  2. Gorgeous! I loooooove teal so so much! I see you're my newest follower, thank you!! :)


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