Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award!

Quite a while ago I was nominated for Kreative Blogger Award by PushingPolish

So with that I am to nominate other bloggers and give 7 random facts about myself. (I think)

7 Random Facts

1) My favorite color is fuchsia but I hate purple. Or I used to. An odd phenomenon about polish is that purple is growing on me. I now like dark purples. :) Teal is another I've never been too fond of but it's also growing on me.

2) In the last coupe years I have moved from being more of a tom-boy (and rarely ever wearing polish, unless it was neutral) to being more girly-girl with polish and heels and skirts oh my!

3) I recently turned 28 which means 30 is feeling closer every day. It's not a bad thing though...

4) I learned to whistle 6 years ago while I was doing a study abroad in London. The song that inspired me to actually learn to whistle was Love Generation by Bob Sinclar. If that isn't random I don't know what is!

5) I want to be fluent in French

6) I've decided I like short nails. It' nice having long nails for once but I want my nubbins back.

7) I've said before that I'm a dance teacher. In the last year I've expanded into pole dancing which is a super fun workout! I would liken it more to Cirque de Soleil as it's a chinese acrobatic art form that has gotten a bad name from a certain unmentionable group of people. The downside of this new hobby of mine is that I can't wear lotion on days I do it. :( I have to remember to lotion my hands before I go to bed and on off days.

Click Below!! (Yes, kid friendly!)
Chinese Acrobatic Pole
American/ European Pole

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Check these ladies out and give them a follow!! :)


  1. Omg you do pole dancing! So much respect, that stuff is intense!!

    1. Yeah, It's a really great workout and I've got AMZING arms now thanks to it! It also uses your Core a LOT so started flattening my tummy, which never happens. :)

  2. I used to hate purple too, now it's the color polish I get more than any other. Haha

    1. It's funny how that happens. I have more purple then I ever thought I would. I think my love for fuchsia has helped push me that direction!


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