Monday, August 13, 2012

Neutral 'Interview' Nails... with a Twist

Good Morning Lovlies!

I really hate being sick! :( I had a cold last week which kept me down because I was sleeping every chance I had so didn't have time to post. I did, however, still paint my nails. I had a chat last week about possible job opportunities and I wanted to keep my nails neutral for this chat. It was kind of an interview but I know the person well so it wasn't like a normal interview. It went well though!! Even though I tried to keep my nails neutral she still commented on how pretty they are. This happened again yesterday with someone else but I'll save that story for later because it's heart warming. :)

I used my favorite neutral so far (and pretty much my only opaque one until I get more from the new OPI Germany collection!) OPI Dulce de Leche!

Here are the pics! The sun pics give a better representation of the color(s).

I decided to add a little something. Can't just wear one color!! 
OPI DS Opulence with a bit of NOPI Over the Gold Shoulder

I added some tape nail art the next day or so :)
It makes me think of caramel and cherry chocolate delicacies! Yumm

I used blue painters tape this time. It was nice because it didn't tear and leave bits of tape on my wet nails. However, it didn't leave straight lines either. 

I figured you might be wondering how I got the circle on my index finger so I took a couple pics for you! I placed the hole reinforcement on the corner of the blue tape and drew a line. I then used the line as a guide to cut the circle shape. I placed it on my nail and painted then pulled it off.  

And for the bottle shot. OPI: IS&ImAC is a darker burgundy/ maroon color. Desert sun is a perfect caramel color that I feel I should be able to eat! You get a better representation in the nail shots. 


  1. Very creative. I Love the twist on just regular neutral nails. Well done.

    1. Thanks! This mani jumped from earthy to delectable as soon as I put Desert Sun on it! :) I'm glad you like it.

  2. Really cool!! I love seeing nail art with neutral colors, looks great!


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