Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Doll

I got this new baby doll style dress which makes me super happy! I went on a date wearing it and accented the yellow with a flower in my hair and yellow heels! Fashion is not in my genes but I would proud of my final result! I painted my nails to go with the outfit and here is the result. I'm very pleased with it. The lighting is a little off because it was getting dark outside when I took these pics and I'm not a fan of my indoor lighting. 

Half Moons with Silver Lining

I just realized I didn't take a bottle shot! Oops! :) I used Julep: Blake and Meryl

So what do you think?

Best wishes,

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  1. Sweetness I just figured out you're the one who always comments on my blog! You really need to add the google friend connect widget so people can follow you! Let me know when you do or need help!


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