Thursday, May 10, 2012

Julep Kylie Review

I started getting the Julep Maven box and this time we have Kylie, a magnetic polish; Ellie, an opal shimmery goodness; and Ashley, a gorgeous sunset orange.

I'm just talking about Kylie today. Unfortunately the brushes were really messed up which made it difficult for me to neatly apply the polish. The magnet comes across as having straight lines. However, as you can clearly see they are not straight. I am fine with this as I like curves. I wish they were a bit closer together. I went vertical on my pinky and you only see one magnet stripe. As they wear the magnetic polish expands so the lines begin to fade. There are no real instructions for on the packaging. I later found the paper that came with the shipment and I also received an email from Julep with more detailed instructions which is what I ended up doing. This polish is very easy to take off. :)

I did not use the magnet on my left hand but instead put a layer of OPI- It's My Year on my ring finger and it is a perfect combination! Sorry for the blurry picture. I didn't notice when I took these that it was so blurry. I'm not very good at taking pics with my Left hand. :)

Have a great Day!
xx SillyCR

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