Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flakes!!! Lots of 'em

I'm a bit of a flake hoarder. I have 7 flake polsihes. *gasp! and so I've tested out 5 of them here. Get ready for an awesome flakie ride!

 Presenting the Main Attraction!

and now for the supporting act...

Nails Inc. is under its own and OPI is under the rest of the them. I used 2 coats for FP flakes.

Now for some SOPI Matte Top Coat - pic taken at night. It was very late.

Twisted: about 5 colors of flakes in it.
Asylum: Blue and Orange (if you see green ignore it, I tried to put Twisted on my pointer)
Motley: Green and Blue - like the sea!
The Donmar: shifts gold - green - teal and is GORGEOUS! My fav of the group!
Shine of the Times: orange gold shifting to green at the edges. Very dense flakes. 

This was so much fun! 


  1. I have The Donmar myself, I and was super impressed by that crazy duo-chrome is has going on! I really want Twisted, I can't seem to find that anywhere anymore...:/

  2. I have all of these except for The Donmar...I want it now! I LOVE flakies!


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