Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Versatile Blogger!

OMG! Imagine my surprise and delight when I read a comment that Outer Glow nominated my for the versatile blogger award! Woot! OK so I've seen awards posted on other peoples blogs and not sure how all this works but according to Outer Glow here are the rules...

1. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are new to blogging
2. Let them know you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself 
4. Thank the bloggers who have nominated you in your post
5. Add the versatile blogger picture to your post!

 I'm not really sure if they are new but here are my nominated Bloggers:
A Plethora of Nails
Neverland Nail Blog
A Little Polish
Talon-ted but Tawdry
Nearly Natural Nails

And 7 Random facts!
1) I freaking love color
2) I'm a Dance Teacher and also work at an electronics store
3) I have an MA in Choreography
4) I love chick flicks and SciFi
5) I dislike giving random facts because I can never think of anything
6) I'm easily distracted
7) I'm easy amused

And I'm only nominating a few instead of 10 - These awards feel more like those email that say forward or you'll have bad luck for 7 years. It does feel pretty cool to be nominated though :)


  1. I think these nominations are really lovely, as they give recognition for your blog. :) I def think that you should be able nominate however many you like. Whatever blogs you enjoy the most. :)

    I wonder who started them? My blog is fairly new, so I don't know if this is a new thing.x

  2. True True :0) It does help to give blogging a community feel and recognize bloggers! I'm a fan of the awards - as long as I can nominate whoever I like and not dictated a certain number I'm happy :) I'm new to blogging too and I've seen them but didn't have any idea how they got there.

    Thanks again for nominating me!


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