Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs!

I am so in love with my dotting tool! I found Mermaid's Tears on the clearance shelf (yay me!) and have wanted to wear it ever since. I also found NOPI My Lifesaver somewhere along the way and at first I thought it was the same as Mermaid's Tears. I tested a drop on a piece of plastic and was very happy to find they were not at all the same! So here is my Easter pastel mani.

I used Mermaid's Tears as my base and the dots on the yellow nail. My Lifesaver was used for the dots over Mermaid's Tears. I'm super happy with this mani and I love the subtly of the index and pinky nails! This mani seems to be lasting really well and I don't want to take it off but I have to so I can do the mani I'm planning to wear with my dress on Easter Sunday.

Can I just say that I love my Mac! I drag my photos from iPhoto to Preview to add writing and it auto saves them back in iPhoto! Woot! I like having the polish titles right on the polish photo :) Less Mess!

Best Wishes,
CR xoxo


  1. I use iPhoto and I was trying to figure out how to add text to my pictures! Now that I know it's possible...I must do more research...

  2. Love the alternating color dots especially!


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