Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#3 Glitter Sami

 April Showers Bring May Flowers 
hosted by: Polished Prisms

I cannot express how incredibly happy this mani makes me! I bought the orange in an OPI duo pack that had pretty nail clippers in it ;) I didn't realize it was a jelly until I tried it one day and I was excited to see that I had at least 1 jelly. I also have a really bad habit of impulse buying and the berry just went on clearance and even though I have a LOT in this color family I bought it anyway. I did not however have any jellies in this family so I got home and went to check it out and was excited that now I have 2 jellies! And just in time for this challenge too! Yay!

The orange looks the same as in the bottle but the berry looks darker in the bottle and more red rather than purple. My thumb is also orange. I've been having some frustrating manis lately but this mani makes me so happy and I can't stop looking at my nails!

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  1. Hey CR :)
    I love the jellies! They make Rainbow in the Sky-lie look so much more muted and pretty. I love!

    Could you add a link to my blog to the post as well? Sorry to be a pita lol. Thanks!

  2. Great jelly sandwiches! I love that orange!

  3. Hannah- sorry, I made your blog title under the challenge name a link to your blog but I can add it to the list as well :)

    Bethany- I didn't much care for the orange until I put it on and I love it! I especially love these two colors together!

  4. I have Rainbow in the S-Kylie and love it!!!


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