Monday, September 3, 2012

Muddy Purple Ombre

I've been neglectful over the past week. Sitting around and being lazy and watching TV. We all need that from time to time. :) On to the mani...

For some reason I've wanted to build this ombre for a while. It dawned on me that I had it! I purchased 'I Brake for Manicures' thinking it was a purple and then discovered it's a brown. I put it in this mani and found out I'm not crazy because it really is a purple side of brown. This brought out the purple in it for me and when I put my thumb next to brown objects I saw the purple. In my pink/grey ombre mani I mentioned the 'Porchester Square' has a purple tint and finished off this ombre perfectly! Unfortunately the pics show more of the brown than the purple in these polishes, especially the sun photo.

For my bottle shot I have sun on top and shade on bottom.


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