Thursday, March 1, 2012

Electro Pop!

I've wanted to do this mani for a while! I'm so excited I finally had time! I'm really happy with it and have gotten a lot of compliments! I didn't realize the edges of my nails looked so bad until I took a picture. Still working on the perfect polished nail!

Natural Base
Y: The 'It' Color
O: In My Back Pocket
P: Party in my Cabana
P: A Grape Fit
B: Fly
Black Shatter
Top Coat

I also used Greenwich Village but I didn't like it with this color family. It's not the right Green.

A note about shatter (OPI anyway) I like to really gloop mine on so I get large cracks. You can only do one coat so a thin coat provides stringy crackle and a thicker coat allows more color to show through!

That's all for today! Happy Thursday!

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