Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girly Girl: Think Pink! cont...

I added another flower to the ring finger and I love it so (of course) I have to show you. :) My Holo-goodness finger has the original flower, then a layer of DS Coronation, then another flower on top! Not sure why but this makes me super happy and helped the mani feel complete! *insert Happy Dance!!

A note on color and on dotting~

Color~ I googled China Glaze: Emotion and every swatch is slightly different and none give the true color you see in real life. Most are a bit darker (like mine). I think it's truly a unique metallic shimmery almost foil polish! I think my middle finger in the top pic represents the color closest. (Why can't technology just see they way our eyes do!) 

Dots~ I said the first flower on the Holo nails was a fail- ie. too much polish. Figuring out how to get the polish on the dotting tool was the hardest part. When I went back to do the rest with the silver foil I picked up polish right where the bristles meet the plastic holding them hostage. I found this to work quite well. (Don't know what I'll do when the polish gets low!)

Time to say goodbye to my lovely holo as I get ready for the next challenge. :( I really want to keep it on and work around it for the next challenge! lol I think it's my new fav.

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