Friday, February 10, 2012

Here goes nothing... again

I keep trying to blog and it never goes anywhere. It never seems to fail. The New Year brings lots of ideas and no time to pursue them. A year later I haven't published any new patterns (but have worked on many) and my head is bursting with knit patterns that want to be realized. Some old and some new.

I've recently realized a new addiction. Painting my Nails! I've come across some nail blogs which get me inspired and somewhere along the line I became an OPI snob. It all started when my grandmother decided to treat me to a manicure. The color I chose was by 'China Glaze' but ended up buying an OPI color instead. (I was disappointed when I discovered it was the wrong polish). I ended up getting the correct shade by China Glaze but the polish didn't last like OPI did. And thus began my polish obsession. I think this was summer 2010 and a year and a half later my nail polish collection is massive! And, of course, mostly OPI. :)

So- This blog started with knitting a year ago and now its extended to nail color and who knows what else. I like to layer my polish because I like lots of color!

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