Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I saw this yarn and a choir of angels sang as I lit up the local yarn store with my glowing excitement. “I HAVE to have that yarn!” Well... as a budget conscious person trying to pay a credit card off because I decided that I HAD to go study in London even though I had absolutely NO money but it just had to happen, I decided I needed it anyway and I’m sure I can make the money work. I grabbed a few balls and my grandmother decided that she wanted to buy it for me. Sweet? So then I decided it was made for the Clapotis pattern I’ve been eyeing on Ravelry. Then I start the project. Not so much. Sadly this yarn was NOT made for Clapotis. After hours of searching the Ravelry database for a pattern to inspire I found none. I did however have a brilliant idea!

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