Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Art: Third Time's A Charm!

Harry Potter Nails!

I mentioned in my last post that I had already done my nails again and I'm very happy with the result. Not perfect by any means but definitely a step in the right direction! I've had people comment on them and they are always impressed I did them myself. ;)

How they came about: I recently ordered "The 'It' Color" by OPI online. I've wanted this color for a while but when I couldn't find it locally I went ahead and purchased from an Amazon seller. (Of course, after buying online the next time I walked into Ulta it was right there! Ugh!). It came in the mail after my polka dot attempt and was next in line for my nails! Super Excited! I went to go get 'Vampsterdam' but decided it was too purple for me so got a different color and decided to pair it with the golden yellow. I've wanted to try using tape for my Nail Art Mani and found my scissors for it. When I saw the jagged one I thought it would go perfectly with my yellow polish and I could do a lightning bolt. This is the result!

So now for the Polishes
OPI: Base Coat
OPI: The 'It' Color
OPI: Diva of Geneva
OPI: Top Coat
Ring Finger:
China Glaze: Lighthouse

The OPI color 'Diva of Geneva' is a really cool maroon/fuscia/dark purple kind of color. You can see how it changes from an indoor yellowish light to outside light. Loves it!

Method: I used 2 coats of 'The It Color' (This polish is thick but doesn't go on evenly. 2 coats is a must!) and once that completely dried I started the 'artistic process.' I used regular tape (I might try painters tape at some point.) and my fancy scissors to cut the tape. I did the lightning bolts first. I cut the tape really thin and at a slight angle. I painted 1 coat of 'OPI Inc.' and then used tweezers to peel off the tape. *Note: take tape off immediately and DO NOT allow to dry because it will leave a fuzzy line! (Like I said, not a perfect mani!). I then proceeded to do the rest of my nails. :) As a design note: you will see that I placed the top of the tape at the middle/top of the fingernail. This turned out much better for the jagged lines. I didn't take a picture of my left hand because of the fuzzy lines and bad placement of the tape. The very last step was to use a teeny tiny paint brush to fill in the lightning bolt on my ring finger with the sparkly gold color!

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