Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nail Art: Round 2!

So now that I've gotten into nail art using polish and not just stickers I feel like I can't wear just one color. I love lots of color and have lots of polish and feel I should always wear at least 2 colors! Today I tried to go with polka dots and french tip mani. This did not turn out so well but could have been worse. Firstly, I thought I purchased a really hot pink but instead it was Red! Secondly, I glooped too much of the red onto my nail. Oh well. Better luck next time!

I used:
OPI: Natural Base Coat
CHI: Wish Upon a Mercury Shooting Star
Nicole: Give Me the First Dance
OPI: Red Hot Ayers Rock
OPI: Top Coat

Tiny paint brush from a craft store for the dots and line at the bottom.

About my polishes- The Nicole polish is like a crazy foil silver! I have 2 CHI polishes but they are so thin you have to use at least 3 coats and even then its still too thin. I always like to use one layer underneath my sparkle polishes so its not so hard to take off. I have CHI in both brown and silver (used here) and they are destined for this job. The brown goes well under any dark golds or purples.

I'm seriously behind on my posting because I've already done my nails again and I'm loving them! Still not perfect but the closest I've gotten! Third time's a charm!!!


  1. Fun! Practice makes perfect - keep at it and keep posting so we can all see! :)

  2. Thanks 'A Polished Touch' for the encouraging comment!


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