Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's a new year with new ideas and new habits. Jan is just a warm-up for the next few months and do I have a year ahead of me! Currently I am designing knit-sensations. Koi Gardens Shawlette turned out awesome and is on Ravelry!

Next up is a leafy hat, all written up and now I just have to test it! Trying to figure out how to manage my time around my knitting life is not an easy task. I have 2 other ideas I want to get out of my head and onto the page. I need to knit a gauge swatch for my flower hat and I'm having a hard time deciding if it should be a small knit with 5ply yarn and 3.5/3.75mm needles or if I use my regular dk with 4&5mm needles. I view the design as a delicate 20s style piece of heaven. Choices...

In My Shadow- where am I going with this? It's a live dance/video piece that I'm swirling around in my head. It's an exploration of figurative shadows.

My ballet students are doing Coppelia this year! Now if I can just find the time to do all of thee above and still sleep I'll be golden!

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